Day 340 - Christmas wish

I think I have been given my Christmas wish this year....

Day 339 - candles

I love the smell of pine candles.

Day 338 - Wisdom

Day 337 - paint

Day 336 - Taylor

Day 335 - Reading

Day 334 - Painting

Painting Safely Grazing

Day 333 - Cards On Sale

My greeting cards can now be purchased at Karens Book Barn. :)

Day 332 - cookie bouquet

The most amazing man in the whole world sent me these....

Day 331 - Competition Prints

Printing competition prints...

Day 330 - Mantis

From grasshopper to his mantis...

Day 329 - Christmas with the Jones

I love these two so so much

Day 328 - starting off right...

Day 327 - Must Read...

Day 326 - editing

Day 325 - A Word...

Day 324 - A Dream Come True

Day 323 - resting

Day 322 - Fresh Air

Day 321 - ready to photograph!

Day 320 - signing on the dotted line

Day 319 - planning

This morning God laid something on my heart....

Day 318 - Thoughtful!

My very dear friend sent me this care package for my birthday. I am so incredibly blessed to have a friend that would think enough of me to do something so considerate as this.

Day 317 - Painting In Progress

Day 312 - Preparing to launch

Day 312 - My Team

I am so incredibly blessed with a supportive family. We sat around the table this morning and brain stormed about my business. I am so thankful for them.

Day 305 - My Anchor

 "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor".   

While the storms of life are raging, my sight is fixed on Him, and I'm anchored in His Presence.

Day 303 - My Mentor

Sometimes God brings people in your life that you know without a shadow of doubt are gifts straight from Him and divinely placed in your life. Stan Jones and his beautiful wife are such people.

He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. He saw something in me that I didn't know I had. He took time out of his busy schedule to help me, teach me, and point me in the right directions.

In so many ways he gave me wings to fly and everyday he still encourages me, challenges me, and shows me how high I can go.

He is a gifted photographer that has unmatched skills and a powerful eye for beauty.

Spending time with them makes me appreciate them so much more and love them both a little deeper. They are more than just friends or mentors, they are my family.

I am so incredibly blessed.

Day 302 - Roaring Fork

Day 301 - Gatlinburg

Day 300 - Family

I love these two so much and I absolutely love hearing about how they met and fell in love! They are so perfect together and complete each other in so many ways. I can only hope and pray that someday God blesses me with a love like theirs.

Day 299 - Traveling.

Day 298 - The Log Cabin

I just finished what is my 8th painting. I'm really pleased with this one and I feel as if I'm beginning to find my own style.

Day 297 - Poured Out

I am exhausted.  I wish I were talking about just physical exhaustion, but I am just flat out worn right down to the metal - exhausted emotionally and mentally. 

I would love to come home at night, curl up into a ball and rest, but my home is empty and silent.  I'm lonely and tired.  

So I sit.  I listen.  And then I remember that I'm not alone, and everything I have is right here, and I hope.

I hope. I live boldly.  I look forward to change while resting in the present. 

Day 296 - Journaling and planning

Listening to music, laying in bed planning, writing and working on my photography makes me really happy.

And maybe a little lonely. It would be such a blessing to have someone to talk to.


Day 294 - At Home

After so much travel it feels so good to have a Friday night at home to cook dinner, watch a movie, edit some images and relax!